Some Bad Sugar Baby Profile Examples

Are you a young woman looking for a sugar daddy? Have you joined some sugar baby websites and installed some sugar baby apps but none has worked? May be there is something wrong with your profile. There are so many potential sugar daddies out there looking for a sugar baby like you and there are many websites and apps to connect potential sugar babies to sugar daddies but the problem is that some sugar baby profiles keep turning potential sugar daddies off. Many girls make several mistakes in their profile. You are probably making some of the mistakes too.

Sugar baby profile tips

After studying several sugar daddy websites and apps, some of the mistakes were compiled and discussed in this article. Profiles are divided into photos and bio. Starting with photos, here are some bad photo ideas that will keep potential sugar daddies away.

Some common photo mistakes

1. Tongue-out photos

It is common for people to stick out their tongue in crazy selfies and it is sometimes cool especially among your friends but it is not a good idea for a sugar daddy website profile. You don't expect any sugar daddy to take you seriously with such photos. Remember, these people are mature, rich, and highly influential.

Sticking your tongue out in a profile photo gives an impression that you are not serious about your search for a sugar daddy. Don't get it twisted. Such photos may not be a problem on regular dating sites. Besides, no one is saying you have to be very formal in it. Just snap a photograph with a smile. Sticking out your tongue is a turn off. Be guided.

2. Animal-mask or sun-glasses photos

If sticking out your tongue will discourage potential sugar daddies, you shouldn't be told that using photos with animal mask is inappropriate too. It falls into the same category with tongue-out photos. Wearing sunglasses may not be as bad as the other two but it is not advisable. Let everyone see your full face or are you hiding something?

3. Legs only or breast only photos

Your face is your identity and it is the first thing that will attract any of the gentlemen on sugar daddy sites. Any photo that does not show your face will only waste your time. No one will take you seriously. Uploading legs only or breast only photos is not only inappropriate, it is also an insult. Remember, your aim is to attract the mature and highly successful money bags on the site. Here is another angle to it. They may even think that you are deliberately hiding your face. And the only reason anyone will hide her face is if the person has ulterior agenda.

4. Washroom selfie photos

Of course you can take selfies anywhere you like but don't upload your washroom selfie photo on your profile. May be you should try to find out the difference between a regular dating site and a sugar daddy site. When you get to know the difference, you will understand the dos and don'ts of sugar daddy site. A washroom selfie is not a profile avatar material. Your profile tells a lot about you and first impressions last longer. These rich and mature gentlemen have only your photo and bio to get an impression about you. So, give them the best impression especially when they have numerous profiles to check.

Some common mistakes with bio

1. Online only

You want an online dating only? On a sugar daddy website? You can't be serious! This is serious business and sugar daddies need your company. They need you to be around. This is not a regular dating site. If online dating is all you want, sugar daddy dating site is probably not for you. Don't waste their time and don't waste yours too. However, it is common for girls to write things they don't really mean just to fill their online registration form. You need to understand that on this kind of website, every piece of information about you counts. Your potential sugar daddies want to have the best impression of you before they take their decision on you. Take your time to fill the registration form to the best of your ability and be honest about it.

2. I'm open for anything

Often times, when girls say they are open for anything, they actually mean that they are ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy their sugar daddy. Unfortunately, as innocuous as this may sound to you, there's a little problem with it. When you say things like this in your bio, you will appear cheap and desperate to sugar daddies and you will end up achieving the direct opposite of what you intend to achieve - turn them away. So, if you have already written something similar in your bio, it is advisable to remove or change it.

3. I only accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo

It is not news that girls are interested in sugar daddies because of the perks attached to the relationship and money is often involved. However, it is not appropriate to state things like your preferred payment method in your bio. You may think you are scaring off scammers with the post but you are also scaring off potential sugar daddies. Remember, these are successful, rich and influential men who always get what they want. If there is anything rich men hate most, it is restrictions. Stating how you want to be paid also means that there are certain payment methods that you don't accept. That will sound like a restriction to sugar daddies. If you have any concerns about payment method, you can discuss it in a private chat and explain why you prefer certain payment methods to others.

4. I'm new on this

This statement is not bad but it has a negative label. That line is common with scammers. Besides, stating that you are new will not increase your chances of getting a match so why put it in your bio? You can mention it in a private chat if you feel your match should know that you are new. However, there is no special benefit attached to being new anyways.

In conclusion, you must always remember that there are so many potential sugar babies looking for sugar daddies, so there is a little bit of competition in it. That is why you must always make your profile as attractive as possible. Avoid all the mistakes discussed above and you will increase your chances of matching up.