Sudy Android App Review

Sudy App

Sudy is a dating app which is specifically aimed towards those who are looking to become or find a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is usually an older gentleman who is wealthy, he will be looking for a sugar baby who is usually a young and beautiful woman who he can take care of and buy things for. With this niche in mind, Sudy was created to target this section of the dating market in a safe and fun way.

Sudy claims that it's aim is to match real people with genuine potential love interests. It prides itself on this mission statement and has an array of features to ensure that this premise remains at the forefront of what it does.

What are the features of the app?

When downloading the Sudy app on your Android device you will have access to the following features.

  • Fully verified profiles ensure that each user must provide information to back up their identity. This makes the app a safe place to interact with potential dating interests. With this in mind, it is still important to perform your own checks on anyone you are potentially looking to meet.
  • The anti-spam feature ensures that you will not receive unwanted mail within the app.
  • Share your moments with the community using the share feature. Here you can share photos and videos for other people in interact with.
  • The matching system aims to only match you with a person who is genuinely like you. The app will compare your profile against hundreds of potential love matches who will have similar interests, be in a similar location and has preferences that you will match. This ensures that any person that you choose to meet with or speak to is highly likely to someone with whom you will click.

Membership prices

As with many dating apps, Sudy offers various packages for its members. Upon joining there are a very limited amount of things which you can do for free, but for the full experience you will need to opt for one of the following subscriptions.

  • one month of Sudy premium at $59.99 for sugar daddies
  • three months of Sudy premium at $119.99 for sugar daddies
  • six months of Sudy premium at $179.99 for sugar daddies
  • one month of Sudy premium at $9.99 for sugar babies
  • three months of Sudy premium at $23.99 for sugar babies
  • six months of Sudy premium at $35.99 for sugar babies

User reviews

On the Google PlayStore the Sudy app has an average rating on 3.9 out of 5. Which is not bad on the scheme of things. There are a mixed bag of reviews ranging from excellent to awful. Many of the female reviewers state that they find there are a lot of fake profiles on the app and have been subjected to a number of scams. Other have said that these so called scammers are simply people who wish to keep a relationship purely online and not in real life.

There are also mixed reviews on the price of the app with some saying that it is value for money and others claiming that there should be more free features in order to get a feel for the app before paying the full price.

As far as customer service is concerned, the majority of the reviews have been positive, stating that whilst it can be slow, the service team do their job well. Users report that the app is easy to use and the majority have had a pleasant experience.