SeekingArrangement VS SecretBenefits - A Complete Comparison

In the current sugar scenario, it is crucial both for sugar daddies and potential sugar babies to know the best places to connect safely and effectively. In this review, we will compare an already well-established platform called SeekingArrangement (established in 2006), and a relative newcomer to the game, SecretBenefits - in the market since 2015. While the two of them are excellent options for both daddies and babies, they do have some unique differences which we're going to cover in detail, so keep on reading.

SeekingArrangement vs SecretBenefits

Let's discuss the pool - Quality? Quantity? Maybe Both?

Given that SeekingArrangement has more experience in the market, it comes as no surprise that their sugar baby pool is bigger and more diversified. But does size mean everything? Not according to SecretBenefits and their aggressive advertising on Google, which makes newcomers to the sugar baby world more likely to sign up when looking for a place to meet their next sugar daddy. SA, on the other hand, has already established a name for itself, which means their sugar baby selection will never let you down.

What about the payment methods?

Payment methods are probably the most significant difference between both platforms. SeekingArrangement offers a monthly membership fee for daddies - although other kinds of membership might become available from time to time. SecretBenefits has a different method in which they use a system of credits. There are many tiers you can choose from, each giving you a different amount of credits. You can then use these credits within the platform to perform actions, such as sending private messages, requesting permission from a potential sugar baby to see their private pictures, and so on. And the best part? These credits don't expire, which means you'll never pay for benefits left unused.

Both sound great! But which one would be better for me as a sugar daddy?

Well, it all boils down to one single question. How often do you try to reach out to new potential sugar babies? If this is a regular activity for you, then you will probably make the most out of a monthly membership at SA, giving you unlimited access. However, if you're the kind of sugar daddy who likes to cherry-pick their next baby and slowly establish a connection with them, the SB credit system seems to be the best choice.

Where am I more likely to meet my new sugar baby?

Tough question, so let's split it into a two-way answer. Because of the different dynamics, sugar babies might prefer to use one or the other, depending on their specific needs and tastes. Let's begin with the sign-up fees. SecretBenefits is 100% free for all sugar babies, while SeekingArrangement is free for college students, and offers a $19.95 one-month membership to all non-student sugar babies. When talking about accessibility, SA has an Android app (although it's not as functional as the website itself). While SB doesn't yet have an app to offer, its website is mobile-friendly.

On SeekingArrangement, there is always going to be a small risk that some sugar babies might become over-flooded with messages and requests, making them uncomfortable and pushing them away from the platform. On SecretBenefits, the pace is much slower, making it harder for a sugar baby to feel overwhelmed or vulnerable. There is one considerable downside, though. There will always be a risk to spend all your credits performing actions (texting and requesting access to private pictures) and come out empty-handed. On the bright side, SB offers a verification video option - a short recorded five-second introduction, where you will get to see all kinds of nuances and peculiarities about a potential sugar baby, otherwise hard to discover by simply texting.

Our closing thoughts? As we stated earlier, both platforms are excellent, viable options for encountering your next sugar baby, you only need to define your target and let these dating tools set you up for your next unforgettable date!