What If Your Parents Find Out You Have A Sugar Daddy

Having a sugar daddy has definitely gained huge popularity these days. Basically, a sugar daddy is an old man, who is extremely rich and able to lavish gifts on a young woman, then expect her company or sexual favour in return. Many of you might get really excited about being a sugar baby. You will have the chance to get extra money, buy designer clothes and dream bags, or take trips to exotic places. This might sound amazing and super exciting, but you also have to decide what you are going to tell your parents. At some point, they will wonder how you can afford your luxury lifestyle.

sugar daddy

Eventually, you will have to explain where the money comes from.

Parents' Normal Reaction

Parents usually do not get the idea of these kinds of relationships. They often think it is shameful and offensive to be a sugar baby. If you live on your own, it will be much easier to keep the relationship with your sugar daddy a secret. But if you still live at home and have curious parents, it is guaranteed they will ask why you have so many fancy things or disappear for days. Most parents are not keen on the idea that their daughter is a sugar baby at all. However, if you think they will understand, you can try to be honest with them, and drop some hints. After all, you are the person, who knows your parents best, and decides what they can handle hearing. Sometimes, being a sugar baby does not mean you must have sex. There are sugar babies at present, who make serious money without having sex with their sugar daddies.

How To Avoid Conflicts

If you do not want to have any conflicts with your parents, you can just tell them you have a new rich boyfriend. Generally, it works well. When you tell them the guy comes from a wealthy family, they will not get that suspicious. You might say he likes you a lot, and this is the main reason why he is so kind and generous. Another thing you can tell your parents is that you have found an online job you can do in your free time. It may be something like being a blog writer or customer support representative. You can say it is very convenient and brings you good profits.

In case your parents give you money or you have a job, you can tell them you have been saving up or investing your money in something. In fact, you can really do that with your sugar funds, but keep in mind that if your relationship with the sugar daddy ends, the cash will stop coming as well. So, if you do not want your parents to find out you lied to them, take precautions and keep some money saved.

Parents are not normally open-minded enough to handle the fact that their child has a sugar daddy. That is why you need to decide what exactly you are going to tell them. If you do not want to disappoint them and feel embarrassed yourself, it will be better to save some details.