Best Sugar Baby Apps in 2021

sugar baby app

Sugar baby apps are dating apps specially designed for wannabe sugar babies and sugar daddies. By offering them a discreet and judgment-free environment to connect with like-minded individuals, sugar baby apps are straight-forward and save the hassle to explain what you are looking for. For women who want to find a rich and generous sugar daddy to sponsor their education or luxurious lifestyle, sugar baby apps are much more efficient than Tinder or free-styling. For rich men who want to date hot girls but are not ready for serious relationship and marriage, sugar baby apps have more attractive women who understand what you want and are ready to please. If this sounds like something for you, check out the sugar baby apps listed below. They are the best apps for finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby in 2021.

No.1 SugarDaddyMeet

SDM app

SugarDaddyMeet isn't the largest sugar daddy dating site because it only accepts straight sugar daddies and female sugar babies from the top 20 richest countries. There are over 3 million registered users, and most of them live in the US, UK and Australia. SugarDaddyMeet staff manually verify photos for sugar babies for free so you can find many photo-verified sugar babies. However, few sugar daddies verify their income, possibly due to privacy reason. The app is well-designed and easy-to-use. Users are complaining that one can hardly do anything unless they pay for the premium membership. The good thing is that fees are refundable if they cancel within 3 days.

No.2 SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement is the most popular sugar daddy app. It's like the Uber for sugar daddies. SeekingArrangement has 20 million users in 195 countries, with 4 sugar babies per sugar daddy. Sugar mommas and male sugar babies are also welcome but there are very few of sugar mommas and male sugar babies on SeekingArrangement. CougarLife has more sugar mommas. SeekingArrangement is successful in educating their audience and has transformed the sugar baby lifestyle from obscurity to mainstream. However, a lot of sugar daddies are complaining that SeekingArrangement is full of escorts/sex workers, platonics, and online-only/pic sellers in the wake of FOSTA and COVID.

No.3 SugarBook


SugarBook is a sugar daddy app that has been featured on DailyMail, Business Insider, The Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Yahoo News, and many, many more! According to SugarBook, over 10 million messages have been sent using their service. It is a valuable tool to connect sugar daddies with sugar babies. SugarBook emphasizes the privacy of users. Overall, SugarBook is a very open and transparent platform, and worthy of consideration when deciding to welcome a sugar baby into your life or seek out a sugar daddy benefactor.

In conclusion, the above sugar baby apps are great for establishing mutually beneficial relationships. It is a win-win agreement where both men and women get what they want, without worrying about the opinion of others.